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Information for loved ones of someone who has attempted suicide

First 72 Hours For Loved Ones

The First 72 Hours After a Suicide Attempt for Loved Ones What To Expect Feelings of guilt, shame, fear, sleeplessness, hopelessness, shock, disbelief, betrayal, frustration, catastrophe, craziness, sadness, rage, anger, and emptiness. Depending on the severity and violence of the attempt you may not be able to believe anyone could live through such an event. […]

First Month for Loved Ones

The First Month After a Loved Ones Suicide Attempt What to Expect Your relationship with yourself and everyone will change. It may get stronger. It may disappear, but everything will change. This is not a bad thing but you need to know to expect it. People who said they would be there may not be. […]

First 6 Months For Loved Ones After a Suicide Attempt

The First 6 Months for Loved Ones After a Suicide Attempt What to Expect Wondering when you are going to feel like normal. It is most common for a second attempt to happen within nine months of the first attempt. Be aware of this fact so if another attempt does occur you are not taken […]

What Not to Say to an Attempter

What Not to Say to an Attempter While there may be many things you want to say, yell, or scream; refrain. Save it for your own therapists office. The following are examples of things not to say to a person who has attempted suicide. “Why did you do this to me?” “Do you know how […]

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