First 6 Months for Attempters

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First 6 Months for Attempters

What to Expect

  • It is very common for you to still have feelings and thoughts about ending your life. This does not mean you have failed. It does not mean you are a loser. It does not mean it will always be like this. Keep trying. Keep working to get healthy. Do not give up. You are not that far away on a time line from wanting to end your life. Be kind to yourself.
  • The reality of your life has probably started to set in and may feel heavy. Your loved ones may be placing more responsibility on you than they did right after your suicide attempt. You may feel energized and excited about this or you may feel angry and overwhelmed.
  • Understand the people who have continued to keep your life afloat are struggling to stay healthy also. They will need your help too. You cannot expect that you will be catered to. Do not hold the people who are helping you emotionally hostage. Talk about these things with your therapist. Your therapist may be able to help you understand what you are capable of and why more is being expected of you.
What You Can Do
  • Continue to set, attend, and honestly participate in your doctor and therapist appointments.
  • Continue to take your medication as prescribed.
  • You may start to feel healthy enough to become more involved in society and have a drive to give back. If you feel this way and have worked on finding your passions and things you feel strongly about, you may consider volunteering for a cause you love. Volunteering is another really great way for you to be involved with other people and work toward something. Some causes other suicide attempters have volunteered with are their local animal rescue or animal shelter, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, after school program, music programs, nursing and rehabilitation homes. This is a small list to tickle your brain. There are so many opportunities for all of us to get involved and give back. If you are a talented quilter you can make blankets for children’s hospitals. If you love bead work you can create a piece of jewelry to sell for a cause you love or volunteer to create a piece for an organization that is already up and running. Do not limit your thinking here. You are needed and can be useful to whatever you choose. This does not necessarily need to be a calling to go somewhere and answer phones. There are many ways your special talents, and the person you are, can be useful and helpful to others when you are ready.


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