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If You Are A Loved One

Information for loved ones of someone who has attempted

If You Have Attempted Suicide

Information for people who have attempted suicide or are thinking of attempting

For Professionals

Information for Law Enforcement, EMT’s, Medical or Mental Health Providers

If You are a Friend

Information for friends of loved ones affected by a suicide attempt

If Someone You Love is Having Suicidal T...

There is help and hope. I know you are anxious, scared, and worried. Here are some things you need to do and some answers to questions you may be having. Do not leave your loved one alone. If they are not in...

Welcome to ASH!

Mission Statement: To support all individuals affected by attempted suicide.

The Acronym ASH comes from Attempted Suicide Help and birthed the idea of Acceptance Strength Healing all of which come after a suicide attempt. The goal is to help you realize this and move toward all three components to get your life back to good after being affected by a suicide attempt.

If Someone You Love is Having Suicidal Thoughts