I sit

I Sit

I sit, feeling sun rays pierce my soul
Caressing injured pieces
Nursing them to health
Hearing water drip off eves to puddle below
The rythm of nature

Healing Our Suffering

Healing Our Suffering

Why is advocating for loved ones of people who attempt suicide important? It is important because being in the middle of that crisis is debilitating. It is traumatic and confusing. It is horrifying and grief inducing. It affects every aspect of your life. It is difficult, if not impossible to advocate for yourself while you are fighting for the life, and possible freedom, of your loved one who attempted.

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Verizon HopeLine

How many used phones do you have shoved, stored, and hidden in your home and office? You know, the ones the kids pretend to use? The ones that are missing keys or will no longer turn on? Anyone?

I was contacted by a reader/follower about the Verizon HopeLine recently and thought I knew all about the program. Well I didn’t and you may not either. Here is what I learned: