Have You Decided?


Have You Decided? I spoke with a friend recently about deciding. About making that life altering decision to live. Her therapist said she was on the edge of a breakthrough after losing one of her dearest friends and supporters to a suicide death. She wasn’t sure what that breakthrough was going to be, or when it was going to come. Like most breakthroughs, it seems to take its sweet time coming.

Her breakthrough occurred, and this is what it was: She had not decided, really decided, to live. She hadn’t ever decided to die either. To my knowledge she has never considered suicide an option although she lives with chronic physical pain, which causes emotional pain, which causes physical pain.

We discussed how many people are alive but have not made the decision to live. People plod along drinking their life into a fog, not really deciding to die, but definitely not deciding to live. They over-medicate with many different things to numb the pain or dull the ache of not truly living. So many people have lost the sparkle that comes with truly living life, feeling  joy, and genuinely laughing. People have been riddled with anxiety, bad news and stress and as this happens it isn’t a conscious decision to die but a relinquishing of our power, our life force.

A lot of us may feel like we need to live for our children, or our parents, or our spouse, family and friends.

But have we decided to truly live? How does one go about making that conscious decision?

Suicidal thinking can be chronic and pop into our heads at the strangest most inopportune times. It can sneak up on us slowly like depression stalking your soul, or pounce on you like a mountain lion. It can be a brief “silly” thought, or a way of thinking and existing  for years.

Suicidal thoughts can be a lot easier to handle and calm if you have truly decided to live. These thoughts can be easier to dismiss and simply notice and move on to the next though if you have made the decision to live.

Have you decided to live? To truly live? If you have, how did you go about making that conscious decision? Please share with us!

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