If You Have Attempted Suicide

If you have attempted suicide or are thinking of attempting…

  • Know that you matter.
  • You are someone’s Daughter or Son.
  • You are someone’s Student and someone’s Teacher.
  • You are someone’s Neighbor and someone’s Friend.
  • You mean something to more people than you know.
  • You mean something to more people than you believe.
  • You are important.

If you want to share your experiences I invite you to answer the questions here

Please download Waking Up Alive for more information from people who have personally lived through a suicide attempt and what they have learned.

One of the suicide attempters I interviewed describes one of the reasons he chooses life now: “My uncle was a gay man who lived as a recluse in rural Wyoming. When he died by suicide there were over 140 people who attended his funeral. I realized at the service that all of us convince ourselves we don’t matter, or that no one cares or will notice if we are gone. That is the biggest lie we convince ourselves of. Proof for me was at that funeral service. I know my uncle didn’t believe he even knew 140 people, let alone that he would matter so much to that many people, especially as a gay man in Wyoming. We ALL matter in a big way.”

Don’t give up. Keep advocating for yourself. When you get tired and frustrated engage others to advocate for you and on your behalf. It is so much easier for people to work to keep you alive than to try to heal from the endless holes you will leave in lives, hearts and communities if you are gone.

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Resources for Those Who Have Attempted Suicide