Tools for those considering a suicide attempt

*Daily exercise
*Take vitamins
*Eat whole foods – fruits and vegetables
*Find 10 people you can trust
*Take care of you
*Don’t smoke or drink to self -medicate
*Write your poetry or feelings – journal
*Be honest with yourself about how you feel
*Take a nap
*Speak your truth out loud to the people you trust
*Breathe, breathe, breathe
*Talk, talk, talk
*Go for a walk
*Drink a large glass of water
*Stretch your body
*Stay present in the moment
*Be aware of your self talk and what you choose to believe
*Call your therapist
*Call your doctor
*Call people who care
*Turn off all electronic devices for at least 30 minutes a day including phones, radios, televisions, computers so you know you will not be disturbed during this time.
*Write and agree to a safety plan
*Take your medication as prescribed if applicable
*Don’t Give Up
*Volunteer for a cause or organization you believe in
*Adopt an animal if you are healthy enough to care for yourself. Studies have indicated that owning a pet is one step you can take toward wellness if you have the money, health and time to care for them properly.
*Depression is curable
*Know that people care about YOU
*Set healthy boundaries
*Ask for help
*Call 1-800-273-2855

Your body and your brain do not function properly or healthily if they are not given the fuel they need to perform their best. Depriving yourself of things you need to be healthy is just as wrong as other people depriving you of what you deserve to be well. Be your own best friend, advocate and warrior.

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