Mix It Up 2014

Mix It Up

What the heck, mix it up 2014!

If you are a person who is always giving too much and you feel resentful and exhausted, STOP! Take care of you the same way you take care of others. You will be surprised and how capable other people are of existing without you  working so hard to fix it all.

If you don’t take your medication regularly or as prescribed, give it a try for a couple of months. It is the only way you will know IF it ACTUALLY may WORK!

If you aren’t 100% honest with your doctor about your symptoms, try a bit of HONESTY.

If you really don’t like your doctor and thus refuse to be honest with him/her, take 30 minutes today and look for a new doctor and just set up an APPOINTMENT.

If you are used to coping by sleeping or staying inside the majority of the day, get outside and go for a WALK around the block. Maybe invite your dog, child, friend or spouse with you and hold their hand the whole time.

If you feel like you have to tell people you” are doing great” or “holding up”, and you aren’t, remove a few people from your circle of friends, no reason to waste their life or yours.

If you haven’t been to the doctor in years or haven’t had an annual check up take 5 minutes today and call your general doc and make an appointment.

If you haven’t drank a glass of water in weeks, or months, head out and buy yourself a water bottle, fill it with water and carry it with you one day. You’ll be surprised at how much WATER you drink and how much better your mind and body feel!

If you haven’t eaten a piece of raw fruit or a raw vegetable in, lets be honest, years…head out to the grocery store and just by one item, whatever it is that draws your body to it at that moment.

If you haven’t listened to your intuition in the last year, stop and thank that little voice that still talks to you and make a pact to act on one small nudge that voice gives you this week.

Give it hell and mix it up a bit this year!


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