Get Dressed!


Top 5 Reasons to get dressed in the morning:

  1. It gives you more energy. You aren’t as unmotivated and sluggish as you are if you stay in your pajamas. I don’t know about you but I am not one to turn down energy!
  2. It boosts your mood. I find I am a more friendly driver on the way to take my kids to school if I am not wearing my sleep uniform. I allow people into traffic, I wave or smile to other drives or people walking on the street.
  3. It creates momentum for the rest of your day. Once you are dressed, then it is easier to do your hair, your make up (if applicable) brush your teeth and get out the door to do others things.
  4. It gives your brain a signal that you have shown up and are ready to actively participate in the day. If you stay in your pajamas your brain knows it is still a possibility to go back to bed, to not be seen, to not be a part of your community.
  5. You are half way ready if a friend calls and says lets meet for coffee or if someone wants to meet up! Also, you are half way ready if you decide to call up a friend and do the inviting for a coffee, walk, chat or quick meeting.

What other reasons do you have to get dressed in the morning that work for you? Please share!


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