I Sit

I sit

I Sit

I sit, feeling sun rays pierce my soul
Caressing injured pieces
Nursing them to health
Hearing water drip off eves to puddle below
The rythm of nature

I sit, blanket wrapped tight against my body
Cat, who now belongs to my heart and mine to him
Purring, relishing this moment in winter sun




Giving in, as my friend Diane advises

Cats’ claws scratch knees skin as he kneads
His hair soft staticy beneath my hands

I sit, hearing birds bat their wings at bare branches of trees


Singing to the air, sun, wind and each other
At peace while I suck air

I sit, dogs tip toe across snow crust skin
Paws fall through with each thoughtful slow step
Searching for cat shit to eat
One being relishing the others refuse – like 2016 politics

Sniffing air

Rolling in snow

Loving their life

I sit, feet growing colder firmly secured to the pavement
My mind jumps to my paternal grandmother
It does everytime my feet grow cold
I think of her spraying off her driveway
Or wading through bone chilling flood irrigation water daily
Her levis rolled up to her knees
In my youth I could not comprehend subjecting myself to such misery
Now I think maybe she did this


To remind herself

She was

In deed


I sit, mind quiet
Soul with the sun
I love myself for learning to be by myself and be quiet
I appreciate my mind for learning to finally
Be still

And accept

And allow

Then create

I sit, honoring the native tribes who lived in this valley
The women, who loved their warrior men
Who raised their children to respect themselves and forces of nature
To ebb and flow with life
And create and nurture indeffinately

I sit, offering myself
And every rock
Ice sicle
Snow flake
And particle
Of all this my deepest gratitude for being a part of this magical moment.

I Sit

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